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private sessions

no matter what your goals and needs are, our certified instructors are here to support you along the way. all of our private sessions below can be combined into customized packages for you or as a gift.

private yoga instructor


yoga lessons are all about you

private sessions allow dedicated time to chat about your goals and for you to see faster results with simplified pose alignments and hands-on adjustments, at your convenience (at home option) that group classes may not always address.


dedication to your healing

yoga therapy adapts the practice of yoga to the needs of people with specific or persistent health problems. most conditions benefit from some yoga poses or breathing techniques and not others. yoga therapists show you how to modify and adjust poses to your body’s specific needs. this ensures that you get the full benefits from each pose.


i love my private sessions, it’s uplifting and rewarding. i feel like i can do anything during our sessions. it gives me confidence in my practice. thank you, burn.  ~~ lori e. ~~ 


burn within yoga offers reiki sessions to help serve you in your quest for healing, balance, and spiritual growth.

reiki is a gentle, hands-on technique for balancing energy, healing the mind and body, and promoting relaxation.  


it is a japanese term. rei - which means something mysterious ethereal transcendental and sacred + ki - which means the atmosphere or something subtle or the energy of the universe. the japanese word reiki can be defined as the ethereal transcendental and sacred energy of the universe which sustains all life. 


through reiki energy sessions, clients might experience:

  • a release or ease of pain (especially pain that is worsened by stress)

  • relaxation and relief from anxiety

  • increased vitality

  • decreased healing time



$75 for 60 minutes

$125 for 90 minutes

reiki sharing group sessions available


email: with questions 

or to schedule a session

private yoga instructor

raindrop technique®

burn within yoga offers raindrop technique® sessions to help serve you in your quest for healing, balance, and spiritual growth.

rejuvenate the mind. balance the body.

Young Living’s proprietary Raindrop Technique® combines

unique, targeted massage and energy approaches with pure,

authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating,

and relaxing experience. The technique, developed by Young

Living Founder CEO D. Gary Young, draws from his experience

with Lakota wellness traditions and provides a revolutionary

means of nurturing harmony—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A Raindrop Technique® session uses a layering process of 9 different Young Living's therapeutic/medicinal grade essential oils applied to the feet and spine. The combination of these oils, and their application allows the oils to penetrate your body rapidly and begin their therapeutic process on a cellular level.

the Raindrop technique® has been known to strengthen the immune system, relieve back issues, and to create balance and harmony in the body - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Raindrop is a very gentle process and offers you the opportunity to completely relax while improving your overall well-being on all levels.

essential oils used: valor (blend), oregano, thyme, basil, cypress, wintergreen, marjoram, peppermint, aroma siez (blend), orthoease (blend)


$95 per session (approx. one hour)

email: with questions or to schedule a session

yoga at work

invest in your company's most crucial resource, your employees.  

benefits to employer
  • reduces healthcare costs and medical claims​
  • enhances recruitment and retention
  • reduces employee sick days and absenteeism
  • provides preventative stress management and health care
  • promotes healthy work environment and job satisfaction.
  • easy to implement - flexible scheduling
  • budget friendly - customized pricing options
corporate yoga sessions
how much does it really cost?
workers who report they are stressed incur health care costs that are almost 50% higher than other employees. -national institute for occupational safety and health
companies lose $2-$3 in productivity for every $1 spent on direct employee medical costs - national safety council.
benefits to employee
  • improves alertness, productivity, and clarity
  • increases strength, flexibility, and muscle tone​
  • improves memory, focus, and concentration​
  • provides stress management tools to reduce stress and anxiety​
  • reduce muscle tension and pain due to sedentary work positions
  • participating employees receive discounted classes at our studio

yoga for athletes

time spent on the mat can make you stronger on the field. yoga increases strength and flexibility as an integrated part of a team's or athlete's strength and conditioning program.

benefits to the athlete
  • avoid injury & decrease chronic pain
  • extend range of motion while stabilizing joints​
  • strengthen core stability​
  • enhance accuracy, balance & quickness​
  • sharpen mental clarity & reduce stress
athletic team yoga
our customized programs are designed to meet specific needs and complement current training and treatments. sports-specific yoga programs range from training camp clinics to ongoing sessions. and to keep the practice going, we’ll even create customized sport-specific yoga videos and manuals.
benefits to the team
  • sequences designed specifically for the sport
  • customizable, affordable & accommodating​
  • team-building​
  • edge on the competition​
  • invests in the development of players
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