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corporate yoga at work
employee perk, yoga at work
as an employee benefit and preventive health care measure, this proven stress reliever and morale booster is a low cost perk for you and your employees.  for every $1 invested in a wellness program, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits
yoga for athletes
burn for athletes

time spent on the mat can make you stronger on the field


yoga increases strength and flexibility as an integrated part of a team or athlete’s strength & conditioning program. our customized programs are designed to meet specific needs and complement current training and treatments.

private yoga lessons
private sessions

no matter what your goals and needs are, our certified instructors are happy to support you along the way.


we offer yoga, yoga therapy, thai massage, personal training, and nutritional counseling. all of our private sessions can be combined into customized packages for you or as a gift.



       what a yoga studio should be! real people, real yoga, real teachers, and great environment - both

peaceful and fun ~~ sarah plummer ~~ 

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