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How to release your Ego?

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Being free from ego is not something that has to happen after years and years of meditation. It is possible to you can be free of ego now. If you are free from ego, then you are actually being yourself.

Recognizing any egoism and becoming free of ego are actually the same. The very moment you become aware of your thoughts or emotions, you break your identification with them. They may still be there, but you will no longer identify yourself with them.

When you observe your inner being, your own mind in silent detachment, the ego begins to dissolve all by itself. This is counter intuitive to the ego and will not make sense to your mind. Your mind may try to go back to thinking it has to keep thinking and go back to an old memory to analyze, revisit and old emotion but this is not the case.

You need to practice this non-judgmental awareness; it’s almost like watching a silent movie or listening from within. When this happens you will feel a gap that arises between your thought/emotion and the one observing it - you. This begins to break the identification between you and your thinking mind….you are becoming more conscious and free. Breath awareness helps keep you centered and grounded on this practice.

Becky Lottridge

#egoism #identification #mind #being #awareness

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