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inspiration of the month - kathy dorsey

“I will do my best. I will accept no less and expect no more.” That’s the intention that I begin each hot yoga class with.

You see I’m overweight, I have t-rex arms, a large chest, a belly and absolutely no grace. But, I leave every class feeling like I’ve given all I have to give. I’m dripping with sweat and oddly spent and exhilarated at the same time.

Each class brings a sense of strength and accomplishment.

Words don’t adequately describe the rush – maybe it’s like the mythical runner’s high that competitive runners experience. So, I was feeling so good about my hot yoga experiences, I decided to try the 108 sun salutation class to mark the summer solstice on June 21. I have a habit of letting myself make excuses so I told myself that I would be satisfied with half. Guess what! I did all 108 – they weren’t all pretty but I did them and nothing can describe the feeling of accomplishment that I glowed with for days afterward. I told my family, friends and even complete strangers about this tremendous challenge that I had conquered.

I recently read an ad for a Yoga website that summed it up pretty well and it went something like this: Yoga is therapy, a workout and meditation all rolled into one. I would say that Burn Within Yoga also provides an environment for meeting new friends, accepting new challenges and finding a place of calm in our crazy, frenetic lives.

I have grown into a much calmer, more patient person as I have developed my yoga practice. I have learned to breathe through times of stress and to be kinder to myself and others when before I would become judgmental.

I sit up a bit straighter and while I may not have grown, I can stretch and reach things on the top shelf of the grocery store now! Do yourself a favor and give yoga at Burn Within a try. Go to a few different kinds of classes and find one that works to bring you a little peace. You’ll thank yourself for it!

kathy dorsey

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