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your random secret yogi thoughts answered

From @nevagonnaspeakup

Dear @hollysmithyoga,

I secretly want to work on hips during class, but I’m afraid to ask the instructor. Any suggestions for getting what I want out of a class?

#yoga #hipsdontlie #tacotuesday

Dear @nevagonnaspeakup,

I can definitely appreciate your reluctance to ask the instructor. There are a thousand reasons NOT to tell your instructor you want something specific out of class that day. But there is one big reason you SHOULD tell your instructor what you want to work on: it is YOUR practice.

The whole reason we—as instructors—show up to class everyday is for YOU. We became instructors so we could spread the word that yoga is pretty rad and want you to get the most out of our classes. We don’t do it for the money. (Although I’ve decided that if we did, I would park my Bentley in the fire zone out front with “A$ANA” vanity plates.) And we don’t get a gold star for every high plank we make you hold, even though it seems like it. We do it all for you. All of it. Playlists, poses, temperature, flow, time slot, body parts, adjustments, lotions, reiki, scents, and even lame jokes….we do all of it for you.

When we specifically ask for requests, we mean it. Normally we have a carefully laid out plan for class, however, we will adapt and be flexible (ha, ha, overused yoga joke) just for you. We ask for requests because we want to help you grow in your practice, work out the kinks, stretch something special, or sometimes we just need to lighten the mood…there’s usually THAT yogi that shouts out “Core!”, causing the rest of the class to groan. You know who you are.

There’s a chance that you just don’t know what to request. So here are some tips… If you run a lot or sit all day, hips should be on your regular request list. (Hip requests are also great if you have some heavy emotional crap you’re carrying around.) If you have a little digestive complication or you drank too much the night before, ask for twists. If you are carrying a lot of tension, or maybe you just want to direct people to the weight room regularly, ask for shoulders.

Everyday that you come to class, you want to get something out of it. Don’t you? So tell us! As you sign in, tell the instructor you want to work on hips, dolphin, or stretch the lower back. If you have goals you’re working on, tell us! Although your yoga practice is all about your journey, we want to help you hit any milestones you desire along the way. Talk to us about your practice or tell us what you need today. If you’re settling on your mat, and you think of something, just shout it out before we start.

So, @nevagonnaspeak up, don’t be shy. We are here for YOU!

holly smith

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