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inspiration of the month - mary strickland

Some of you may have seen Mary's story in the November issue the of Pinnacle Community's publication - High Point is her story:

Having suffered from fibromyalgia for 7 years, I have tried many things to find relief, as medicine just isn’t enough. Dealing with a daily level of pain, with some days being very challenging, a combination of medication and yoga has made quite a difference. Even though some days I have to will myself to attend a yoga session, I always feel better afterwards.

I started out using yoga videos in my home, but in May of 2016, I joined Burn Within Yoga (located at 2126 Stringtown Rd. by the Post Office) in Grove City. With the variety of classes, workshops, and payment options, I have become a dedicated client. My favorite classes are: Vinyasa flow, slow burn, sculpt and relax and restore. They offer something for everyone no matter what fitness level or age (I’m 60), and some really effective stress relieving sessions. Their instructors are fantastic and can help students of all fitness and experience levels find the best ways to approach all movements. I also like how they are community oriented and always looking to share their message of good health.

Practicing at Burn Within Yoga has been so therapeutic for me by providing not only metal relief from dealing with a chronic condition, but also physical strength to help lessen the pain. Each session is a journey of wellness and peace of mind that provides a great reason to get up and get moving, no matter how I feel. I am so grateful to the owner, Teresa Zanardelli, and all her instructors for their assistance in my struggle.

Mary Strickland

High Point Living Article w/ Mary Strickland

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