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inspiration of the month - amanda ritchey

I started at Burn Within Yoga in early 2016 after about a year of consistent yoga practice. My original goal was to kind of begin a 'tour' of sorts around Columbus yoga studios to try and experience as many types of classes and teaching styles as I could. However, after my first class or two, I really felt like this was the studio I was going to further my practice and fully integrate yoga into my daily life. I felt a calming presence when I walked in the door and it just felt right.

My reasons for starting yoga were the same as a lot of people- to lose weight and de-stress myself. Little did I know that wouldn't even scratch the surface of what a yoga practice would truly bring. You don't have to be a certain size, be able to do a handstand or be the queen of meditation- you just have to take from it what it gives you. I find myself integrating yoga into my daily life- at work, with friends, with my children and my husband and even to my neighbors! I have learned, and now try and tell others, that there is a place for everyone in yoga.

Practicing at Burn Within Yoga has given me that final boost of confidence I needed to take the next step and take the 200 hr. yoga teacher training in 2017. I hope to be able to take yoga to some of the groups I hold dear (children, wounded veterans, cancer patients) and use it to help enhance their life in whatever way they need.

~amanda ritchey

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