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inspiration of the month - jessica strawser

My name is Jessica Strawser and I started with burn in the

summer of 2016 with a Groupon. I went only 3 times that summer and fell in love with it, however I was still lifting and running 3 miles almost daily as my form of exercise and just doing yoga to "stretch".

Fast forward to November - I was having so much lower back pain from an injury at work that I was rarely working out because of the strain it put on my back. I was miserable all of the time and so uncomfortable in my body due to my back pain and my weight gain. I was desperate for relief and did not want to take pain medication daily. I emailed Burn and asked about pricing options so that I could try it out again and come more regularly. I signed a contract that day and went to a yoga class that night.

I noticed an immediate difference in my back and started practicing daily either at burn or in my home. I now rarely experience any back pain which is a miracle to me. I also have lost several pounds and gained more muscle than I even imagined possible through yoga. I practice every morning before work and it energizes me and keeps me pain free.

The ladies at burn are all truly awesome and I even come on Saturday mornings which is unheard of for me to wake up and exercise on my weekend off! Thank you ladies so much for giving me a pain free life back!

Jessica Strawser

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