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inspiration of the month - tricia bingham

YOGA has become the "color in my garden" so to speak! This vinyasa practice has recently become my lifeline to my mind, body, and soul - connecting me to my inner roots and tapping into the 'hues' within and all around me. Like shades and tones...warm, cool, cold and hot - I traverse these spaces pushing myself longer and harder while looking for that sweet balance of proper tension while stretching physically, mentally and spiritually! I am guided to explore my body and mind in uncharted moves and breathing techniques. This practice has truly expanded my awareness of what I am physically and mentally capable of accomplishing and imagining.

When during practice I am guided through perhaps a mountain, child, tree pose and finally savasana I tend to visualize a vista of images in bold color and scenes - nature, nurture, and promise! Yoga has brought a deeper connection to my inner self at a time when I started to question and doubt myself, my choices, my lack of insight and clarity. Before I first experienced yoga years ago I thought what is the fuss looks too physically docile, sleepy, hippy like ...not possibly a thorough workout like running, mountain hiking or cardio/weight machines? Now I can say I had NO CLUE what I was thinking and clearly made the wrong assumptions! There has been no other exercise routine or health practice that has so positively affected my sense of well being overall!

My life like a garden isn't perfect and it does include some weeds, thorns, rocks, and bugs along with too little or too much water at times! YOGA helps me to deal with and manage the daily challenges - removing or changing the position of the rocks, being aware of the thorns, pulling the weeds and accepting some of the bugs while striving for growth and acceptance!

I see all the colors and intricacies in my garden more clearly and appreciate all that it offers and is becoming! I am better able to love myself and others, connect to my faith, feel more grateful, extend grace and be more present for everything in my garden! I am physically and mentally stronger, perseverant, and flexible. I am very thankful for the practice of yoga and especially the Burn Within Yoga studio. The BWY instructors and owner, Teresa, are so skillful, generous and patient while guiding us in our daily vinyasa flows towards becoming our best selves! I have finally been able to commit for the first time consistently to yoga practice in my life and now reap the many personal benefits!

Thank you very much for making available to our community an outstanding full service yoga studio committed to excellence!

`Tricia Bingham

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