best christmas gift ever

Who would have ever thought that my husband’s Christmas gift of 2015 for one month of unlimited yoga at Burn Within Yoga would turn into a life changing event. I was excited to try yoga at a “real yoga studio”. My only experiences were at the YMCA and Community Center. They were ok, but I did not really feel like I got a good workout from it. I thought this is the real deal and I was excited. I joined in January of 2016 and never looked back! I have been an avid fan of many different forms of exercise and tried about everything, but this was completely different and I quickly became a devote follower.

It was an interesting start. Of course, I was nervous and felt like I was learning a new language…. Chaturanga? Vinyasa? What is this all this? Teresa and all the instructors were so welcoming and willing to meet me where I was… beginner… I learned I had only tried Hatha yoga. It has been almost two years since I started my practice and I would like to share that it has improved my life physically, emotionally and spiritually.

My physical improvement is amazing! I can truly proclaim I no longer have to see a Pain Care Specialist to have a procedure called Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) performed at least once a year on my cervical spine due to pain related to bone spurs and arthritis. I thought I would have to continue this for the rest of my life since I had been receiving care from the specialist since 2008. It was like a miracle! In addition to no longer having a pain care specialist to see regularly, I have developed muscles and strength that keep me healthy and strong.

The studio has allowed me to grow and learn knew tools for improving my emotional well-being and spiritual growth. I have enjoyed learning about restorative yoga, essential oils, reiki, rain drop technique, aroma yoga, TRE, etc. The list is endless and I continue to learn and explore more as the instructors share their knowledge and practice.

Lastly, I cannot say enough about the amazing community at Burn Within Yoga. I feel like it is “home” when I am there and I have met and developed some wonderful friendships. I ALWAYS leave the studio feeling rejuvenated, happy, and wishing everyone else could have the “best Christmas gift ever!!”

~kerry chambers

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