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200 hour teacher training program

deepen your practice or
become a teacher
200 hour yoga teacher training at Burn Within Yoga

burn within yoga is an established school of yoga, and is a registered yoga school (RYS) with yoga alliance® at the 200-hour and 300-hour levels. students attending our school have access to time-tested study skills, teaching technology, and alignment-based yoga practice. directed by teresa zanardelli, our trainings are open to anyone seeking to deepen their study of yoga, or who wish to become skilled yoga instructors.

we are especially excited for our next training! several of our most seasoned instructors will be teaching sections of the training. our teacher training instructor staff will include teresa zanardelli, jan attanasio, julie stark, megan tighe, barbara held, and kim reynolds. click on each instructor's name to learn a little more about them.

curriculum will include:  yoga history, philosophy & principes | asanas - sequencing, assisting & alignment | meditation & pranayama | anatomy & physiology | nutrition & diet | the business of yoga | and more.

our training programs are unique, organic programs focusing on the needs of each individual participant.  so you get the knowledge you NEED to be a successful yoga teacher, plus the knowledge you WANT to help you individually on your journey.  the program provides a foundation for personal and spiritual growth, development and knowledge that will transform your experience in daily life.  our approach will empower and enhance your life and our team of teachers is here to support you on your path to become not just teachers, but yogis as well.  -namaste

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choosing to complete the 200-hour Teacher Training at Burn was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  In just 5 months not only did I become a yoga teacher, I also walked away with lasting friendships and a new perspective on absolutely everything.  Through this training, I also experienced immense personal growth.  I could not have asked for anything more.

~~katherine s.~~                                                                 

the thing i loved most about teacher training at burn was that the program was tailored to our specific group.  if we wanted to explore a topic further Teresa made that happen.  it's not a "one size fits all" program like maybe other teacher training programs.

~~julie s.~~ 

I truly didn't understand the meaning of yoga until I started my training at Burn.....Yoga is not just about the physical practice of the body, but a whole outlook on life. Through pranayama and meditation one can take themselves to a place free from stress, anxiety, tension, & trouble and allow the mind to be still.  This is the best training anyone could take for life change and rejuvenation. 

~~sarah s.~~ 

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