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yoga for athletes

time spent on the mat can make you stronger on the field. yoga increases strength and flexibility as an integrated part of a team's or athlete's strength and conditioning program.

benefits to the athlete
  • avoid injury & decrease chronic pain
  • extend range of motion while stabilizing joints​
  • strengthen core stability​
  • enhance accuracy, balance & quickness​
  • sharpen mental clarity & reduce stress
athletic team yoga
our customized programs are designed to meet specific needs and complement current training and treatments. sports-specific yoga programs range from training camp clinics to ongoing sessions. and to keep the practice going, we’ll even create customized sport-specific yoga videos and manuals.
benefits to the team
  • sequences designed specifically for the sport
  • customizable, affordable & accommodating​
  • team-building​
  • edge on the competition​
  • invests in the development of players
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