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About Us

Burn Within Yoga: Affordable, Family-Owned, Community-Focused. Expert instructors inspire and challenge all experience levels. Your mental and physical outlet in Grove City, Ohio.

About Us

Ignite. Transform. Burn Within.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just beginning to kindle your yoga journey, Burn Within Yoga welcomes you to join the fire.


Let the radiant energy of our studio inspire your practice, as you discover the transformative power of yoga. From the foundational postures that spark the flame of strength to the dynamic powerful flows, our classes cater to every level to contribute to your own personal yoga journey. 


Let your inner flame guide you, and together, let's ignite our light to burn within.

About the Studio

About the Studio

Meet the trifecta behind the scenes - a husband and wife and sister on a mission to spread good vibes and provide a comfortable, confident and judgment- free space for yogis of any level. 


Our passion to run a small business led us to this yoga adventure that we are so thankful for.


We are ready to ignite our lights, transform our mind and body and burn within with you!

About the Owners

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