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Alicia Geiger
Alicia Geiger

Alicia Geiger

Stay within your mind and push yourself until you feel a stretch by relaxing into the pose. Don't look at your neighbors as we all have a different body type/build.

What to expect in my class?

Warm up and take the mind within, heating up the muscles and get a nice workout, cool down all while connecting the breath and movement. Clearing the mind while you practice. 

Outside of teaching yoga, what do I love to do?

Spending time with my husband, walking my dog, spending time with friends, boating and fishing. Of course, we release back.

How long have I been practicing and what specialities?

7 1/2 years- vinyasa flow, hot, restorative.

Which classes I normally teach each week?

Tuesday all levels. Wednesday Hot Yoga.

About me

What ignites my light?

So many things, but I do love seeing the difference in the yogi's face and demeanor before and after they practice. Most when they finish look relaxed and like they can take on the day.  Guiding new/different yogi's in class. I love seeing new faces. 

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