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Cassie Oiler
Cassie Oiler

Cassie Oiler

If you are new to yoga this is a great class to learn how to connect your breath with your movement as well as connecting the mind with the body. Yoga is much more than a physical practice and being able to quiet the mind and connect with your body and turn inwards makes a world of a difference in your practice and in your life. Learning to mediate can also deepen your practice and the understanding of your self.

What to expect in my class?

Expect to take things slower than normal and hold poses for 1-3 minutes each to get into the deep connective tissues in the body and get a deeper stretch. Also, expect to start with some breath work and end with a short meditation.

Outside of teaching yoga, what do I love to do?

Outside of yoga I am involved in a lot of outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, camping and riding my bike on local trails. I also love reading and learning more about spiritual connection and the higher self and how to heal ourselves. Fun note, everything we need to heal ourselves is already within us. 

How long have I been practicing and what specialities?

I have been practicing for 6 years and teaching for 3. My specialty is in yin yoga and guided meditation.

Which classes I normally teach each week?

Restorative Yoga Wednesday nights 

About me

What ignites my light?

There are many people like my friends and family that drive me to be and do better and connect with my light for both myself and so I can share it with others. I would say my spiritual connection and understanding of the world around me through my experiences is what ignites my light and helps me commit to being a better person each day no matter what I am going through

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