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Tami Meyers
Tami Meyers

Tami Meyers

I feel that yoga is for everyone, we all want to feel good in our bodies and yoga has a lot to offer when it comes to feeling good. The more you practice the more you want to be on your mat. That being said, props can be super helpful: they help with balance, help us access more challenging postures, help us get deeper into a pose.

What to expect in my class?

I would describe my Wednesday evening power yoga class, as being upbeat, fun and physical.

Outside of teaching yoga, what do I love to do?

I love music and anything that’s green.

How long have I been practicing and what specialities?

I’ve had a regular Vinyasa yoga practice since 2016 but a not so regular practice since the mid-90s.

Which classes I normally teach each week?

I teach a Power class on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 7 and I’m open to subbing for all of the other classes offered at burn.

About me

What ignites my light?

Being outdoors ignites my fire

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