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yoga at work

invest in your company's most crucial resource, your employees.  

benefits to employer
  • reduces healthcare costs and medical claims​
  • enhances recruitment and retention
  • reduces employee sick days and absenteeism
  • provides preventative stress management and health care
  • promotes healthy work environment and job satisfaction.
  • easy to implement - flexible scheduling
  • budget friendly - customized pricing options
corporate yoga sessions
how much does it really cost?
workers who report they are stressed incur health care costs that are almost 50% higher than other employees. -national institute for occupational safety and health
companies lose $2-$3 in productivity for every $1 spent on direct employee medical costs - national safety council.
benefits to employee
  • improves alertness, productivity, and clarity
  • increases strength, flexibility, and muscle tone​
  • improves memory, focus, and concentration​
  • provides stress management tools to reduce stress and anxiety​
  • reduce muscle tension and pain due to sedentary work positions
  • participating employees receive discounted classes at our studio
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